Impact Storytelling

Don’t know what to do with your stories? We can help.

The impact of your company begins in the heart of the person who has been most impacted by your work. Whether your work impacts your staff, consumers, the community, vendors, or those in need overseas, the work you do matters and people want to hear about it through impact storytelling.

Story On takes the time to gather the context necessary to interview those who have experienced the impact and we turn their story into marketing content. On the front end, the Story On team will determine what marketing channels and content are most valuable to your brand and we carefully craft the stories around those needs.
By taking time to interview, transcribe, and craft the individual’s experience into a relevant story and content ready for distribution, the impact of your company will spread to new audiences. Research shows that over 90% of people will select one brand over another if they are aware of one’s social responsibility. When you talk about the good work you are doing, your customers will begin to trust you and when they trust you they stick with you for the long haul.

Some of our Impact Storytelling services include:

  • Identifying Untold Stories Within Your Brand
  • Interviewing and Transcription Stories
  • Story Capture and Written Content Production
  • Turning Stories Into Social Media Content
  • Story Campaign Consulting

Don’t have a story? No need to worry.

If you are a brand who believes you don’t have a story, don’t worry, Story On can help. We specialize in helping brands make long-term and high-impact relationships with community Nonprofits who share similar values. Click here to view our Cause Marketing Consulting services or here to get help determining your brand story.

*We love offering the above services at discounted rates for Nonprofit Organizations