Be Consistent and You Will Win

When I was 11 years old, I attempted to summit my very first 14,000 ft. mountain. My dad and I woke up at 1 a.m. and began the drive to the Long’s Peak trailhead. I was young and active and full of energy, but I had no idea what I was getting into. Regardless, I was determined to prove to the group of 30-45 year old men I was with that I was every bit the man that they were.

I was an ambitious kid.

I didn’t have to carry much more than a flashlight, so I had no trouble keeping up with the group. Dad had all of our supplies in his black and yellow backpack. But after about six miles, I began to learn an important lesson– one that I carry with me today: The value of consistency.

Before we began the hike, I was told I should eat and drink something every time anyone stopped for a bathroom break, a breath, or for food and water themselves. But I was young and stubborn and if I didn’t feel hungry or thirsty I didn’t eat or drink.

Around mile six I was battling altitude sickness. I hadn’t been eating or drinking enough and I was really sick.

With Dad’s encouragement and my stubbornness, next I knew we were 200 yards from the summit of Long’s Peak. We were at the end. I could literally see the top of the mountain.

But I didn’t summit. I was too sick and I couldn’t take another step up that mountain.

I didn’t summit because I was inconsistent. I only ate and drank when I felt a need to. I could have stood atop one of Colorado’s most challenging peaks as an 11 year old, full of pride and accomplishment. But instead I failed. Many businesses treat marketing the same way I treated my food and water intake; they only do it when they are desperate.

It was on this hike that I discovered the value of consistency.

How would your business change if your customers were consistently discovering you while looking for their answers or solutions? What if they weren’t looking for you, but they found you?

Inbound marketing can help your business become discovered.

The idea is simple. Offer value to your customers and potential customers. Give them what they are looking for and begin to develop a trusted relationship with them– simple and very effective.

Written by Ryan Thomeczek 

Thank you so much for reading. I genuinely love sharing my stories with you and I love doing my part to offer value to the business community. If you have questions regarding this blog or if you want me to cover a topic you haven’t seen yet, please email me at I would love to serve you.