3 Ways the New Facebook “Like” Button Changes the Way We Communicate

It’s official. After years of comments, complaints, and suggestions, Facebook has changed their “Like” button to now include specific emotional responses, including Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. I am extremely happy about the changes and impressed with how Facebook has rolled them out.

Many people will still be disappointed there is no “dislike” button, but I think what Facebook chose to include is wonderful. Over the next few weeks, and even years, we will see online communication change dramatically as a result of this small update from Facebook. It may seem minimal, but here are three ways Facebook’s new “Like” button will actually change our lives and the ways we interact online.

  1. More depth in a shallow environment

One of the most important elements of telling a story is not if, but how people respond. Giving the viewer  more options with how they interact gives publishers and individuals more information to be able to produce content people want to see.

As a content publisher myself, if I am writing a story about a natural disaster or tragedies in the world and am not generating a “Wow” or “Angry” response from my audience, my writing may be missing the mark. In the same way, if a politician is getting more “Angry” reactions to his posts than “Love” he knows his story and campaign is probably not connecting in the way it should.

Stories are beautiful, evoking emotion from the reader,  and humans receive information best in the form of narratives. The new options give us the ability to interact with online content with the emotions we are actually using when encountering stories in real life.

  1. Online Sales

Advertisers and brands can expect to see a ridiculous amount of data being tested over the next few months on what emotional responses on Facebook lead to the most sales. This will differentiate based on industry and products, but  the reactions that are generating the most conversions will play a huge factor in a brand’s online presence.

There is already an insane amount of data and research surrounding the connections between emotions and sales; the challenge will now be learning to apply that to a much more emotionally-responsive Facebook platform. This will have very good applications but we also can expect there to be manipulation and advertisers who simply generate sales content which  promotes the most purchase-connected responses.

  1. Responding to tragedies just got easier

For all of us who have struggled to “Like” a post from our friends who had a loved one pass away, and you have found yourself struggling to show your sympathy for the matter, the added options for response made our connections with tragedies much more personable.

I think this is the best new feature of the update because it gives us the ability to empathize in online communication. Empathy is one of the strongest human emotions and having the ability to come alongside someone who is surprised, sad, or angry in a deeper way is important.

When terrible things happen in the world, or personal tragedies, or even when you go on your honest and emotional rants, people now have the ability to show you how they truly feel about it.

What do you think? Was Facebook’s new decision a smart one? Like, Wow, Love it or not, this update will be a game-changer in online communication. Other platforms will adjust and respond in the next year and the way people and brands interact online will have much more depth.

Way to go Facebook.

P.S. Don’t forget to Like, Love, or Wow this post!

This article was written by our CEO, Seth Silvers. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @sethsilvers

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Fort Collins is Better Because of Edge Optics

Everyone has a story. Your business has a story. Your organization has a story.

At Story On, we love telling stories worth being told. 

Edge Optics is owned by Mason and Mindy Bryant. Mason and Mindy are a young, fun couple with a beautiful family. They are uniquely Colorado-chic and 100% child friendly.

When you think of values most Coloradans share, you may think of sustainability, outdoor living, recycling, and helping one another. Edge Optics epitomizes Colorado values.

When I met Mindy and Mason, I was immediately drawn to them. It was clear that they care about people. I never felt like a potential sale or just some customer. Mindy asked me about myself, my life, what I do, and the things I care about.

The kindness and care these two demonstrate is certainly one of the secrets to their success.

To know Edge Optics, you have to know that Mason didn’t decide to become an optometrist because he thought it would be a good way to make money. Mason set out to help people.

In Mason’s senior year of high school his eyes were attacked by a disease known as AMPEE or if you like science, Acute Multifocal Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy. This disease stole Mason’s vision entirely only months before graduating high school. Mason was blind for three months.

Mason’s family did what they could to find tutors to help him and read to him. They struggled to find a solution to help Mason attend college.

They were unsure if he would be able to attend school at all.

Thankfully, Mason’s eyesight returned after those challenging three months.

Due to Mason’s personal struggle with vision loss, his life was set on a career path to help others that suffer with vision impairment.

Today Mason and his wife Mindy are the proud owners of Edge Optics and love providing eyewear for the Colorado lifestyle. Edge Optics boasts a generous selection of active eyewear, safety frames, fashion eyewear, and everyday Colorado eyewear.

Whatever your budget, Edge Optics has an eyewear solution for you. Adult frames start as low as $55 and top quality high fashion frames are also available under $400.

We can’t talk about Edge Optics eyewear without mentioning some of the local, sustainable, and philanthropic brands they offer. Most people know about TOMS shoes, but fewer people know that TOMS one-for-one model is also used with glasses and is one of the many brands Edge Optics represents. Stop in and check out MODO eco-friendly eyewear, and local eyewear from Native brand from Denver and Zeal brand from Boulder.

Fort Collins would not be what it is without companies like Edge Optics and people like Mindy and Mason.

Edge Optics is continuously involved in local community events. Some recent events Edge Optics has hosted or been a major contributing partner with are Yoga After Hours that supports Sproutin’ Up, an organization focussed on helping low-income families in Larimer County have better access to healthy food, and an Alzheimers 5K walk to raise some serious money for the Alzheimers Association. Edge Optics also helps with Lion’s Club and donates used eyewear to those in need in our community.

I know these are only a few examples, but Mason and Mindy always have their hands in something! Keep an eye out for upcoming service opportunities with Edge Optics. A couple events in store for the future include a clothing drive for the homeless and potentially a pay-it-forward day and a free vision day.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to help these wonderful people and business owners continue to transform our community through their service and generosity.

Join us #livinglifewithedge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am thrilled to share the stories of great brands. If you or your company have a story worth sharing with the public, please get in touch. I would love an opportunity to talk with you about it. Contact me day or night at ryan@storyon.co and @RyanTCheck on Twitter.

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Be Consistent and You Will Win

When I was 11 years old, I attempted to summit my very first 14,000 ft. mountain. My dad and I woke up at 1 a.m. and began the drive to the Long’s Peak trailhead. I was young and active and full of energy, but I had no idea what I was getting into. Regardless, I was determined to prove to the group of 30-45 year old men I was with that I was every bit the man that they were.

I was an ambitious kid.

I didn’t have to carry much more than a flashlight, so I had no trouble keeping up with the group. Dad had all of our supplies in his black and yellow backpack. But after about six miles, I began to learn an important lesson– one that I carry with me today: The value of consistency.

Before we began the hike, I was told I should eat and drink something every time anyone stopped for a bathroom break, a breath, or for food and water themselves. But I was young and stubborn and if I didn’t feel hungry or thirsty I didn’t eat or drink.

Around mile six I was battling altitude sickness. I hadn’t been eating or drinking enough and I was really sick.

With Dad’s encouragement and my stubbornness, next I knew we were 200 yards from the summit of Long’s Peak. We were at the end. I could literally see the top of the mountain.

But I didn’t summit. I was too sick and I couldn’t take another step up that mountain.

I didn’t summit because I was inconsistent. I only ate and drank when I felt a need to. I could have stood atop one of Colorado’s most challenging peaks as an 11 year old, full of pride and accomplishment. But instead I failed. Many businesses treat marketing the same way I treated my food and water intake; they only do it when they are desperate.

It was on this hike that I discovered the value of consistency.

How would your business change if your customers were consistently discovering you while looking for their answers or solutions? What if they weren’t looking for you, but they found you?

Inbound marketing can help your business become discovered.

The idea is simple. Offer value to your customers and potential customers. Give them what they are looking for and begin to develop a trusted relationship with them– simple and very effective.

Written by Ryan Thomeczek 

Thank you so much for reading. I genuinely love sharing my stories with you and I love doing my part to offer value to the business community. If you have questions regarding this blog or if you want me to cover a topic you haven’t seen yet, please email me at ryan@storyon.co. I would love to serve you.

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Want to Grow? Help Your Employees Reach Their Dreams.

Our team at Story On become ecstatic hearing about companies who are committed at their core to helping others, and doing that through quality work. We can’t help but love businesses that are motivated to make the world a better place.

The fast-paced story of It Works! is marked by a conviction to help people live healthy lives.

It Works! has continued to move up on the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies” list and is showing no sign of slowing down. Beyond the success of their products and their passion for generosity, It Works! is transforming people’s lives.

Amy Stumpf, a It Works! distributor in Northern Colorado, told us, “It Works! has changed my life in every way, shape, and form. I never had an exact picture of what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to help people and speak into their lives. I always desired to make an impact. This company has given me the platform to pursue my dreams, create financial freedom, and share the love of Jesus to more people then I would have ever have come in contact with.”

I wish this story was heard more often. I wish the story of a company empowering their workers and their dreams was the norm in our culture. Unfortunately, it is too easy for businesses to be focused on the bottom line and the top executives rather than the employees showing up daily to work hard. From what we have seen, It Works! cares about making the dreams of their distributors a reality.

In 1995, Mark and Cindy Pentecost were struggling financially and felt the tension of living a life that wasn’t what they had dreamed of. They began committing a few hours a week towards building a side business to bring in an additional income. Soon, they were making more money from their side business than Mark’s job as a school teacher.

This season sparked a passion in Mark and Cindy to help others reach their dreams in the same way they had. Over the next few years, they kept their eyes open for products with the potential to build their inspirational business around.

In 2001, Mark met a doctor who seemed to have a product with the potential they were looking for. Immediately, the Pentecosts were drawn to Dr. Luis and his passion for research and development in the skin care, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Dr. Luis began learning natural remedies from his grandmother in Mexico at a young age and eventually became the CEO of a top pharmaceutical company. He had the track record they were looking for and the passion for authenticity to match their passion.

Dr. Luis introduced Mark and Cindy to what would turn into the Ultimate Body Wrap Applicator. The infamous “Crazy Wrap Thing” (just Google it) is a body wrap with a patented process to shrink fat cells. This product, along with their others, has helped thousands of people as they pursue healthy lifestyles.

Over the last 14 years, It Works! has been committed to finding natural remedies to fight the physical problems many people face. Amy shared with us that some of the main things holding people back from their dreams are financial and health problems. By working with It Works, Amy (also a Certified Health Coach) has been able to help people earn more money each month as they help others live healthy, natural lives.

It Works! is not simply trying to find products to make money from, but they find products that will combat the major pain points they have dealt with. They struggled to see physical results when working hard to get fit, then they created the Ultimate Body Wrap Applicator to help supplement results. They were confused and overwhelmed as they tried to pick the right vitamins in a vitamin store, so they created the Greens to be a full supplement for healthy living. They were frustrated with how often people dealt with simple things such as sickness, fatigue, and lack of focus, so they created their essential oils package.

At the end of the day, It Works! is a company committed to helping people, and helping people help others. The It Works! story is spreading quickly and the core values driving the company are completely focused around supporting people as they live the life they have always wanted.

Amy used to be working 50-60 hours a week, babysitting when she could, and she was frustrated. It was hard for Amy to be putting in so many hours at a desk, wondering if her dreams had been lost.

Now, Amy is making more than she ever has, working less, and getting to help people navigate their personal dreams and health goals each day. It Works! is not one of the fastest growing companies in America because of their products, but because of their values.

What are other companies you know of who are built around similar values?

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Professional Academic Services

Professional Academic Services

Task Company UK welcomes you to essentially the most committed personalized project, thesis, coursework and essay writing solution supplier. We have qualified instructional writers, who about your requirements have obtained extensive knowledge with time’s passage through. Continue reading “Professional Academic Services”

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Why Some Stories Stick and Others Suck

Every single day, stories are shared and memories are made. Every minute, we have experiences that will be stored in our memory or forgotten forever.

I am sure all of us can remember a funny, sad, and exciting moment from this last week, month, and year. But what about the other moments? Last month, you likely saw hundreds, if not thousands, of social media posts and had countless conversations with people.

For some reason, some stories stick in our memory and others fade away. So what makes up a memorable story? What causes something to be remembered and others to fade away as if they never happened?

As we tell stories with hopes of being remembered, we must work hard to make them more memorable. It may sound repetitive and silly, but every day there are millions of moments shared around us and most stories are never remembered.

All it takes is hitting the refresh button online to see the moments of the day that stand out among the rest.

We call these moments “viral”. While I have not found a formula, I have learned things over the years that help drastically with sharing sticky stories.

In the book “Made to Stick,” Chip Heath and Dan Heath talk about why some ideas stick and others suck. Below are 6 characteristics they see in stories that matter, as outlined in the book. If you work in the marketing, storytelling, or any business with a responsibility or expectation to share content, keep these things in mind.


Stories must be simple and easy to understand. If someone has to ask a bunch of questions in order to understand your story, what you are saying is too complex or you are saying it poorly.


As we grow up, our brains form beliefs about how we think things work. In order to stand out, we need to tell stories in a way that challenges familiar patterns. We want to share information in a way that breaks the “this is how things work” tool in our brain to shock our memory. This builds expectation and allows an opportunity to provide a solution. If we create expectation without providing or at least pointing towards potential resolution, we will leave our brains confused and frustrated. But if we cause our brain to stop, build expectancy, and provide resolution, we will store that moment or experience in our memory.


Our senses drive us. We have to utilize the ability to allow people to comprehend stories with their senses. Give them an opportunity to use their senses to understand your story. The more senses someone uses in consuming information, the more likely they are to remember that information.


People appreciate honesty. I believe honesty always prevails. With so much clutter in our culture, our BS-meters have become finely tuned and people long to hear honest, believable stories. We long to hear stories that are true and hold value.


Our emotions should not make decisions for us, but draw us toward things we value. We need to tell stories in a way that causes people to feel deeply. If what you are saying matters, share it in a way that shows it. People will understand the value of something as they see you value it enough to be vulnerable.


Our lives unfold in stories. We tell stories at dinner, on airplanes, and hear them on the news. Stories are created and designed to be remembered. The more information we tell in story form, the better. Jesus. Ghandi. Homer. Steve Jobs. Scott Harrison. All of these people will be remembered for ages because their lives have told stories that can be retold and remembered.

As you share information (which you will), consider this simple SUCCES (Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Stories) acronym. Nobody wants their stories to be forgotten.

Put in the work to make your stories stick and not suck.


We exist to help great brands, and people create and share great stories. SHARE this with someone you know who tells stories regularly. We know it will help them.

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