If you want to change the world, you need to change your story.

Stories are the currency of conversation. Every day people move from interaction to interaction, room to room exchanging stories with one another. When gathering with family, attending team meetings, or looking online, people long for engaging stories.

Yet the most popular way for brands to communicate who they are still seems to be through small tidbits of information detached from a larger, cohesive story. It simply makes no sense. Our team at Story On is under the conviction that people are sick of being advertised to. We are foolish enough to believe stories are what people want and stories are what people need.

We believe the best brands tell the best stories.

The best stories follow the best brands.

We believe if you want to change the world, you need to change your story.

Story On was founded to help brands be the best storytellers in the world. Story On exists to help connect brands with people in transformational ways and to tell those stories of impact through a megaphone.

In a busy and crowded culture, it is vitally important for brands to not just do amazing and responsible work but to tell stories that stick out among the clutter. Brands don’t stand out by simply having good media, websites or products but by building their business, products and content around caring for people.

Our team at Story On can help you create, share and discover stories worth sharing. People are waiting for your stories.

If you are interested in working with Story On, email us at info@storyon.co and we will call you ASAP. We always talk for free.

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